“Riding in the Zone”

Cover_sm2 This 143 page full color book includes a 30 minute DVD with parking lot drills to advance your riding ability. Get an autographed copy when you buy from my website.“The vast majority of motorcycling books on the market focus on the motorcycle itself, not the rider.  There are only a handful of books on developing the skills to control your bike.  Ken Condon’s new book and DVD, Riding in the Zone, focuses on being confidently in control, and the DVD (included) provides real-time demonstrations.” – RoadBikeMag.com
$29.95 plus shipping and MA sales tax (if applicable)

I ship to the United States and Canada. Please contact Whitehorse Press for international shipping.UK distributor is Gazelle e-mail- [email protected] – tel +44 (0) 1524 68765


4 comments on ““Riding in the Zone”
  1. corbin says:

    how old do you haft to be to race

  2. recommend best book and DVD that you have for me to learn more
    for racing track main thing is advance techniques trail braking cornering throttle
    and best that you have which can add value to a racer (super sport BMW S1000 RR) for racing track use !

    • Ken Condon says:

      Nasser, I am currently working on a track day book, but it won’t be ready for a few months. In the meantime, the Riding n the ZOne boook covers many of the techniques you mention. Another book I recommend is Twist of the Wrist and Total Control.

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NEW Book! “Motorcycling the Right Way”

NEW Book! “Motorcycling the Right Way”

Buy from here and Ken will get an autographed copy of his NEW book, "Motorcycling the Right Way" to you right away.

“Riding in the Zone”

“Riding in the Zone”

Buy from here and Ken will get an autographed copy of "Riding in the Zone" out to you right away.


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Ken uses R&G Protection

Ken uses R&G Protection



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