Private Training Calendar

Check here for available 2017 Personal Training Dates

Contact Ken to discuss training dates and Payment Methods for Personal Training.Contact_Ken_buttonBelow are a list of available weekdays for personal training,
as well as pre-scheduled Weekend 2-Day TRAINING TOUR DATES

One-on-one & one-on-two PERSONAL TRAINING TOURS

Weekdays –

August  30  October 4
August  31  October 5
September 19 Contact Ken for more dates
September 20
September 21
September 22
October 3

Click Here for Calendar of 2017 Pre-Scheduled TRAINING TOURS

Other days may be available that are not listed. Contact Ken to discuss scheduling a weekend event.

10 comments on “Private Training Calendar
  1. George Papadopoulos says:

    Hi Ken I wanted to thank you for a great day out. It was very informative and made me look at riding through a different set of eyes. I will tell all my friends they can become safer, faster riders by taking your street riding course. Thanks again.

  2. Ellen Penniman says:

    It’s probably in the site, on the various items I’ve clicked, but I can’t see the locations. I’m in Southeastern, MA around Boston. Honda CTX700N DCT.

  3. Jim Puckett says:

    I’m very interested in the 2-day training for 1 or 2 people. I may can round up a second rider, but I would be willing to team up with an interested “stranger”. I ride a 2015 Road Glide Special. Prior to that 12 BMW’s since 1992. I’ve had no formal training other than the MSF Beginner Rider Course.

  4. john sarchiz says:

    where are the Training Tours at ?

  5. Pepe Perez-Sanz says:

    Hi Ken,
    I’m interested in the two day tour. I hope to avoid spending the time to ride all the way from Illinois to you; do you know of available rentals you can recommend or at least not know too much bad stuff about?

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