Personal Training Details & FAQ


  • You must have a current motorcycle endorsement, as well as a legally insured and registered motorcycle.
  • You must also have current health insurance and sign a liability waiver.
  • Have at least at least a season (3,000 or so miles total) of riding experience. This is not a course for raw beginners. Students are wise to take the MSF Basic RiderCourse or have an equivalent level of skill before signing up.
  • You gotta wear full gear (see below).

On-street-Bob-ChrisWhat to Bring

  • Riding Gear (required at all times)
    • DOT-approved helmet
    • eye protection (windshields do not count as eye protection)
    •  motorcycle jacket,
    • long pants (armored motorcycle pants preferred)
    • full coverage gloves
    • sturdy, over-the-ankle boots.
  • Group Training Tours: Standard 3.5mm earbud earphones with built-in microphone. If you have an existing Bluetooth communication system, please keep it in your helmet, as we may be able to pair systems.
  • Individual Training: If you have an existing Bluetooth communication system, please keep it in your helmet.
  • A 8gb or larger USB thumb drive for transferring video

Skill Level

RITZ Personal On-Street Training Tours help riders increase confidence and enjoyment in real-world conditions. I can customize a training program based on your skill level that will ensure satisfaction. A minimum of 3,000 miles of street experience is required.


We will be riding at moderate street speeds and enjoying a street ride through some beautiful countryside with awesome twisty roads. If you want to learn to ride fast in a safe environment, I am available for Track Day Personalized Instruction at Tony’s Track Days.

What You’ll Learn

  • Slow Speed Maneuver Techniques
  • Emergency Braking and Swerving
  • Visual Targets
  • Lane Position
  • Body Position
  • Cornering Precision
    • Cornering Lines
    • Timing
    • Identify visual clues to increase cornering safety and confidence

Where Will We Ride?

We will be touring around my little bit of motorcycling heaven in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts and southern Vermont. The beautiful Berkshire foothills have miles and miles of killer motorcycling roads. Dual Sport training will take place on unimproved and abandoned town roads and trails.

Rides will meet at Elmer’s Store in the center of Ashfield, MA. Group rides can meet at or near where most people are lodging.

Since we start our day at 8:30, you may want to book a room at the Inn at Norton Hill. Nan charges $100.00 (a discounted rate) for my students. It also includes a full breakfast. Other nearby lodging can be found here.

Do you want to ride near where you live? We can do that. Let’s talk.

This is what you can expect when riding in the Berkshire HIlls.

This is what you can expect when riding in the Berkshire Hills.

View Larger Map

Click here for a list of local lodging.

What to Expect:

-Morning Briefing:

Each day would start with a safety briefing, waiver signing, etc. We will also outfit your helmet with the Bluetooth communicators (one-on-one and one-on-two students only).

-Parking Lot Drills:

A lot can be told about your skills at 25mph! The goal is to give me an idea of your skill level so I can choose the best route for you and your friends.

-On-Street Tour (4+ hours)

Now, for the fun part where we will go for a ride.

-Scheduled Breaks

We will take regular breaks so we remain fresh and to give me the opportunity to coach. For half day participants, our breaks will be brief so we can get more miles under us. For full day riders, we can have a leisurely lunch.

-Debriefing/Video Review (Personal video for one-on-one and one-on-two students only)

To end our session, we will sit down and talk. I will show you the video that I took. We can also discuss your riding and the next steps you can take toward more riding enjoyment and safety.

-2 Day Group Tours:

End of day video discussion over dinner and dessert. Second day begins with briefing with more parking lot drills and then a full day ride.

Click Here for Individual Training Options (1 or 2 riders)

Click Here for Group Training Options

Please Read the Payment and Cancellation Policy Page.

CLICK HERE for Available Dates

Tours are available on weekdays and weekends. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Contact Ken to discuss training dates and Payment MethodsContact_Ken_buttonScholarships are available for BMW/MOA members.

Riding in the Zone, LLC is chartered and insured through the American Motorcyclist Association AMASanctioned_4C_LtBack

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