Non-Sportbike Track Day: Street Rider Training

NSBTD_LandingA Non-Sportbike Track Day is the most exciting, fun and effective way to improve your riding skills…period! And you will have a freakin’ BLAST.

Non-Sportbike Track Days are held on a closed course (racetrack), which means you learn in a safe environment and at real-world speeds (not race speeds). Learning on a racetrack allows you to ride freely and concentrate on advancing your skill level without the typical hazards faced on the street…potholes, sand, tar snakes and Buicks.

Non-sportbike Track Training Days are for Street Riders

I know what you’re thinking…I don’t want to ride on a racetrack with a bunch of crazy kids on their GSXRR6CBR Ninjabikes. Well that’s good, because if you come to a non-sportbike track day, you won’t have to.

Non-sportbike Track Days are for “regular” riders on big bikes, small bikes, touring bikes, adventure bikes, vintage bikes, and even cruisers.

Let me repeat…Non-Sportbike Track Days are training days designed for regular street riders! No crazies on race-bred sport bikes will be zipping by at warp speed.

For the most part, participants will be experiencing their first time on a racetrack. If it’s your first time, rest assured that you will be in good company.

When & Where:

2020 Non Sportbike Trackdays:

  • Monday, May 25th – Palmer, MA (Counter Clockwise Direction)
  • Monday, July 20th – Palmer, MA (Clockwise Direction)


About $325 – Regular pricing up to 2 weeks before event

It’s the best investment in fun and skill development money can buy.

This class is Recognized by the Massachusetts Rider Education Program and is eligible for the Paul B Scholarship through the BMW/MOA Foundation. Visit the BMW/MOA Foundation page directly to apply. You DO NOT have to be a BMW/MOA member or ride a BMW to qualify.

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You'll get a lot of instruction, including a body position seminar.

The Next Level of Fun and Learning

Perhaps you’ve taken the MSF BRC, ERC, ARC, Lee Park’s Total Control, or some other advanced parking lot training course.  These courses are terrific for building the fundamentals of motorcycle control, but applying techniques in a parking lot at 20 mph does not train you to deal with challenges you face every day at typical street speeds.

Haven’t taken an advanced parking lot course? No worries, the Non-Sportbike, Street Rider Training Track Day is designed for riders of all skill levels, from those with a few months in the saddle to riders with decades of riding experience.

The skills we will be working:

Read more about the benefits of track days.



You ride Your Own Bike for this event.

If your bike is in good condition, bike preparation can be done in 2 minutes!  We need bikes to be in excellent roadworthy condition with plenty of tire life remaining.  There can be no leaking of any fluids – be sure to check your fork tubes!  We will also be checking brake pads so be sure to have plenty of pad left. Mirrors need to be removed or taped over.  Do not worry about your headlight if it’s plastic.  If it is glass, just make an X with tape… don’t completely cover it.

RIDING GEAR:  Riders will be responsible for having full motorcycle gear.  We do NOT provide gear!

Helmets must be FULL-FACED.  High quality modular helmets will be allowed but must remain in the locked position when on track.

At a minimum, you should have a motorcycle jacket and pants, good leather gloves (that overlap with jacket) and sturdy over the ankle boots.

If you don’t have gear, you can purchase it fairly inexpensively (pants are often under $125), and once you ride with gear – you will wonder how you ever rode without it.  Just Google “Cordura Motorcycle Pants” for options.

Kevlar Jeans: “Kevlar” Jeans with a padded under suit are allowed and this makes a great setup for those not wanting to purchase motorcycle riding pants. (this is one brand… you can google Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans for more

Padded Undersuits:

NOTE: Regular Jeans are not acceptable (Kevlar motorcycle jeans are fine).  Chaps can be worn over Kevlar jeans with armored knees.
Consider this under armor suit:

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND you have some sort of back protector.  While hard back protectors are strongly encouraged, they are not mandatory.  However, please consider buying CE approved armor, which is TONS better than the thin foam pads generally included with jackets. If your jacket has a pocket for a back protector, you can get a quality one for about $60.  Alternatively, you can buy one that has a strap that holds it in place… again for about $60 to $150.  Isn’t your spine worth that much? Google Search for Back Protector

Gloves and MUST leave no exposed skin.  They should overlap the jacket when you are in the riding position.

Boots must be over the ankle and sturdy with rubber soles. They must overlap the pants…no exposed skin.

No_SportbikesREGISTER NOW at Tony’s Track Days

3 Riding Groups

  • ADVANCED (Sport Touring) GROUP
  • NOVICE (Cruiser/Big Tourer Bike) GROUP

These 3 group levels are based Rider PREDICTABILITY and SKILL, with some consideration for speed or the limits of your particular motorcycle:

ADVANCED (Sport Touring) GROUP is for those riders who are comfortable braking, shifting and riding quickly around corners on the street. All bikes are allowed, however, some cruisers and other bikes may have limited ground clearance or other limits that make it better for the Intermediate Group, even if the rider is skilled enough for the Advanced Group. Previous track experience is not strictly required, but you will need to ride very predictably and be comfortable with others riding at a pretty darn fast street pace.

INTERMEDIATE (ADV Bike) GROUP is for those who are comfortable riding at an intermediate street pace or whose bikes are not suited to the Advanced Group. You do not need previous track experience to ride in this group, but you will need to ride predictably and be comfortable with a fast street pace.

NOVICE (Cruiser/Big Bike) GROUP is for those who are less confident cornering quickly on the street and who are wanting a more relaxed pace.

Classroom topics for ALL groups is similar where we reinforce cornering, braking and shifting techniques and introduce more advanced techniques and concepts.

Check out this video from Ride-CT


Testimonials from previous Non-Sportbike Track Days

–“I wanted to thank you for an immensely enjoyable time! I was a bit nervous coming into the day, it being my first ever track day, but you guys put me at ease very early in the game.  I wrote down on my note pad in big letters RELAX,HAVE FUN.  I wasn’t pressured in any way that I had to go fast. That being said I could feel myself going faster as the day progressed with the observations and instruction of your staff. My friend and I thought the timing of the sessions throughout the day was perfect. Just enough time on the track not to get too tired and just enough time in between your sessions to rest and think about how to improve, have class time, and not get bored. The availability of the instructors was impressive also.” -Glenn M.

–“The 2014 Non-Sportbike Track Day was an outstanding learning tool and was great fun! The ability to practice what you learn in the classroom on a controlled track is fantastic. I heartily recommend this to all street riders interested in riding better and having a blast.” Ed C.

–” Once I learned the lines of the track, I was able to totally focus on cornering technique. Since then, I’ve been smoother into and out of corners.” -Todd R.


Craig Ripley from Living off the Slab talks about his experience with the Non-Spotbike day:

Watch cruisers, tourers and even a Burgman scooter ride around the Thompson (CT) Speedway during a special the 2014 Non-Sportbike Track Day. ST’s, BMW Fs and GSs, V-Stroms, Harleys, a Concours 14 and not a sportbike in sight:

Mix of Cruiser/Big Bike (Novice), Intermediate and Advanced Groups:

Sport Touring (Advanced) Group:

Your Hosts:

Do It!

Now is the time to put riding theory into real practice, using your bike, ridden at real world speeds. You WILL improve your braking, shifting and cornering skills and leave with increased confidence!

The Riding in the Zone Non-Sportbike Track Day is the next step in your journey toward becoming a Motorcycling Master. Sign Up Today!

There’s MORE to Know:

  • Bike preparation
  • Rider preparation
  • Schedule
  • Lodging
  • Photos
  • And More

Visit the Non-Sportbike Track Day FAQ Page for more details

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7 Replies to “Non-Sportbike Track Day: Street Rider Training”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for an awesome day yesterday! The best training I have had on a motorcycle ever! The access to the info from your staff, the post ride sessions and overall experience was unmatched!! Many Thanks and I will absolutely be back again with my friends!

  2. I attended the non-sportbike day at Palmer in August and was totally satisfied with the instruction and the track. This was my second time to attend one of these TTD events and I came away with renewed confidence in my ability to ride on the street. The chance to get professional instruction and practice over and over in a safe setting is only available at track days like this. The track was fantastic and the classroom sessions with the on-track instructors gave me instant feedback on cornering techniques. It was well worth the trip to Palmer and I look forward to seeing more days scheduled in 2017.

    1. John, The 2016 dates are likely to be May 24 at Loudon, NH (or possibly the week before) and August 22, 2016 in Palmer, MA. Check back to confirm the NH date. I look forward to meeting you.

  3. Great vids. However, it appeared that some of the riders in the first vid with the cruisers and big bikes; the black helmet and brown jacket, the yellow hi-viz guy, and the grey and black jacket, were using a hybrid riding position, i.e., a partial hang-off, but with the head and torso shifted back toward the outside, counterweighting the bike. They didn’t look planted and in control, there appeared to be some wobbles. The second group also had some, but not quite as much.

  4. I’m really glad I attended and am looking forward to the next one! Once I learned the lines of the track, I was able to totally focus on cornering technique. Since then, I’ve been smoother into and out of turns.

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