Personal Training

1 or 2 Day Training for individuals.

Your Personal Coach in Real-World Conditions

Advance and refine your riding proficiency with Private on-street training. Personal On-Street Training is designed for experienced riders who want to learn how to increase confidence and enjoyment.

Private training provides a personalized curriculum customized to fit your individual needs. Your classroom is the uncrowded, scenic roads hidden deep in the beautiful Berkshire Hills of New England. Provided Bluetooth helmet communicators allow immediate and meaningful coaching in real-time.

Recognized by the Massachusetts Rider Education Program and is eligible for thePaul B Scholarship through the BMW/MOA Foundation. Visit the BMW/MOA Foundation page directly to apply. You DO NOT have to be a BMW/MOA member or ride a BMW to qualify.

What You’ll Learn

Here is a sample of some real-time coaching using Bluetooth communication.

You will learn:

  • Slow Speed Maneuver Techniques
  • Emergency Braking and Swerving
  • Visual Targets
  • Lane Position
  • Body Position
  • Cornering Precision

Choose One or Two days

Private On-Street Training – 1 day

(1 or 2 Riders for 1 day)

Ken coaches a student in proper body positioning.

This is the most popular option for riders who want undivided attention (1:1) or are willing to share time with a spouse or friend (2:1). Coaching is done using provided on-bike communicators.

Students must have at least a season of riding (3,000+ miles).

Private training includes:

  • Parking lot skill drills to start the day
  • Helmet communicators with real-time coaching
  • Video review/discussion during lunch stop and at the end of the day
  • Training tour of Western MA and Southern Vermont
  • Video of our day (Please bring your own flash drive)
    1 rider, 1 Day: $600 
    2 riders, 1 Day: $1050

    *Add $450.00 for a third rider

Note: participants pay for their own meals

Private On-Street Training – 2 days

(1 or 2 Riders for 2 days)
Miles of twisty roads tend to cause people to smile.

Miles of twisty roads tend to cause people to smile.

Same as the 1 day training, plus:

  • End of day discussion
  • A second full day of coaching and riding.
    1 rider, 2 Days: $1000
    2 riders, 2 Days: $1800 

    *Add $750.00 for a third rider

Does not include lodging or meals

Private Off-Road Training – 1 or 2 days

(1 or 2 Riders for 1 or 2 days)

Same as the private street training described above but on dirt roads:

  • Slow maneuvers in dirt
  • Coaching done on dirt roads.
    Pricing is the same as above

Does not include lodging or meals

Ready to Sign Up?

Contact Ken to discuss training dates and Payment Methods

Check Here for available Training Dates

Read the Details & FAQ Page

Note: Private training can also be done on dirt roads for those wanting a taste of adventure. Details about Dual-Sport/ADV Training are HERE.

Discounts apply for returning RITZ or Stayin’ Safe students. Contact Ken

Scholarships are available through the BMW/MOA Foundation.

Students have reported that insurance companies accept the Riding in the Zone completion certificate as proof of rider training that is eligible for insurance discounts.

Since we start our day at 8:30, you may want to book a room at the Inn at Norton Hill. Nan charges $100.00 (a discounted rate) for my students. It also includes a full breakfast. Other nearby lodging can be found here.

Participants pay for dinners and any lodging with private training.

Read the Details & FAQ Page

Click Here for Group Training Options, including pre-scheduled weekend training.

Please Read the Payment and Cancellation Policy Page.

Riding in the Zone, LLC is chartered and insured through the American Motorcyclist Association and Philadelphia Insurance Companies.AMASanctioned_4C_LtBack

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  1. Jose (Pepe) Perez-Sanz says:

    Hi Ken,
    1. If I were to do a personal street day, would a rental moto be available?
    2. I was sorry to hear you are leaving MCNews. Where are you going?
    Thanks, Pepe

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