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Riding in the Zone is an advanced rider training school, offering on-street, dual-sport training tours and advanced parking lot courses. Ken is an author and journalist of two books and multiple skills articles that help riders become more confident and safer.

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Books, Articles, Street Training, Non-SPortbike Track Days
About Ken Condon


Riding in the Zone

Riding in the Zone is a 143 page full color book that will help beginner, intermediate, and early-advanced riders to develop the physical and mental skills.

Motorcycling the Right Way

Motorcycling the Right Way lays out a basic riding course for motorcyclists who are smart enough to acknowledge that “you don’t know what you don’t know.”


200 instructional, riding fun and motorcycle review videos.

THE ZONE Articles

The Riding in the Zone Article List has also become a resource for motorcycle riders who enjoy reading about all types of topics, including rider training, how to setting up a motorcycle for track days, and riding technique to name a few.

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Continuing Education is key for staying safe on the road! Group training is great, but nothing beats PERSONAL TRAINING with an experienced training professional.


Riding in the Zone offers Non-Sportbike Track Days  in New England.

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Training is conducted under Riding in the Zone, LLC

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  1. HELP
    I would love to take a class but can not get in touch with anyone. How can i pay for a class

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