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6 comments on “Contact Ken
  1. Molly says:

    Looking forward to your Increasing Cornering Confidence and Safety seminar- thanks!

  2. H Stafford says:

    Hi, you were recommended to me by Ken Mitchell. I’d like to do a street session with you. I’d like to improve my riding generally and to see if you can give me some help getting over some issues that have built up for me with left turns. Hugh

  3. rob cavazos says:

    Ken. Just a idea for a future article, if it hasn’t already been written. I’ve often been blided by oncoming motorcycles with ultra bright headlights and/or extra driving lights during the night and day. It’s one thing to be seen, it’s another when oncoming traffic nearly crash cause they can’t see. Is it really necessary to have headlights brighter then the sun?
    That’s the short of it. Hope your well.

  4. Ken Condon says:

    Contact me with questions.

  5. Henry Yampolsky says:


    I emailed you previously about one-on-one training but have not heard back. What would be the best way to get in touch with you to discuss?

    Thank You,


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NEW Book! “Motorcycling the Right Way”

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