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  1. Hi, you were recommended to me by Ken Mitchell. I’d like to do a street session with you. I’d like to improve my riding generally and to see if you can give me some help getting over some issues that have built up for me with left turns. Hugh

  2. Ken. Just a idea for a future article, if it hasn’t already been written. I’ve often been blided by oncoming motorcycles with ultra bright headlights and/or extra driving lights during the night and day. It’s one thing to be seen, it’s another when oncoming traffic nearly crash cause they can’t see. Is it really necessary to have headlights brighter then the sun?
    That’s the short of it. Hope your well.

  3. Hello Ken,

    My name is Gina Colon, Marketing Manager for Yankee Harley-Davidson, Bristol CT.
    Laura Lemco – owner of the dealership asked me to contact you if you are available for a book signing event?

    Thank you,

  4. Dear Ken,

    After seeing your presentation at Americade in June and speaking with you about Riding in the Zone I signed up for the non-sportbike day at Tony’s Track Days on 8/21/17 to improve my riding skills under professional supervision. I’ve been riding for 16 years developing my riding skills and enjoy being a motorcycle enthusiast. I was enthusiastically looking forward to honing those skills based on your presentation, reputation, and the information on your website.

    In the introductions there were three of four control riders and instructors for each group whom you said were all qualified in your judgment to be instructors. I approached one of the “CRs” and asked him to assess whether it was appropriate for me to ride in the intermediate group as I waited in line to take my initial “follow the leader” laps around the track . When I saw him after the ride he said that I should ride in the group if I was comfortable doing so. That, in my opinion wasn’t much of af an assessment. Anyway, I continued riding in the group all day without so much as a single CR or instructor interacting with me to provide a learning experience to improve my riding. Whatever progress I made during the day was based solely on my own self assessment. This, of course is an important part of the learning experience, but it should have been supplemented by professional teaching expertise beyond the classroom.

    Having never been on a racetrack it was a bit unnerving to be passed without being able to see approaching bikes. In talking to other riders, many had done track days before and I felt the management of the day was somewhat remiss in not separating those faster riders from the rest of us. It seems that all first time riders should ride in the slowest group for the first ride and then assess whether moving up is appropriate. Though the riding is noncompetitive that factor may have been lost on some of the more experienced track day riders.

    In the seventh and final outing on the track I hadn’t realized that I was mentally tired, fatigued and just not as sharp as a rider needs to be when I lost my focus and drifted off the pavement and crashed going into turn 4 which I’d enjoyed all day. Instructors should have an awareness for this issue and be proactively involved to bring it to the attention of riders so informed decisions can be made about continuing riding in the hot afternoon sun. Fortunately, I was dressed to the nines in protective riding gear and survived the crash with only minor aches and pains. My bike didn’t fare as well but I was able to ride it home.

    The irony that I crashed in an environment where safety and teaching were supposed to be the order of the day is not lost on me. In summary, I was disappointed that I didn’t receive any personal attention or technical expertise to assess my riding abilities which I expected for the $295 fee I paid to improve my riding skills.

  5. Hello,
    I just signed up for the training course on Sept 10th. I thought that was a Sunday not a Saturday. I can not attend a Saturday class as I run a retail store that is open on Saturdays.

    Please cancel my order for this class.

    How many students do you need to hold a class on a Sunday?

    David Mc

  6. Ken,

    I emailed you previously about one-on-one training but have not heard back. What would be the best way to get in touch with you to discuss?

    Thank You,


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