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Are you planning a club or professional development event and need to find an entertaining and inspiring speaker? Consider Ken.
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Americade_2010-1Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at communicating ideas, stimulating discussion and entertaining an audience.

My experience and knowledge as a motorcycle safety and track day instructor and nationally-known moto-journalist and author gives me credibility to educate and inspire others to reach their potential. Below is a video of a cornering seminar held at Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre Vermont. Excuse the amateur videography.

Motorcycle Dealerships, Clubs and Rallies:

I’ve spoken at a number of club and rally events, including the Yankee Beemers (Damn Yankee rally), the BMW/RA rally, The Worcester County Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund rally (Massachusetts), Americade (Seminars and as a Featured Speaker).

Presentations that will entertain and inspire:
  • Riding in the Zone; What is it and How to do it?
  • Motorcycling the Right Way: Do This, Not That Behind The Handlebars
  • Dangerous Myths You Need to Stop Believing
  • Is Motorcycling a Lifestyle, a Sport or Transportation
  • The Real Life of a Moto-Journalist: It’s not what you think

State Safety Organizations:

Presentations to help your RiderCoaches expand their “Moto-knowledge”.

Motorcycle safety instructors and coaches from Michigan, Maryland, Rhode Island and Massachusetts have had me speak at their annual updates. Having me attend your update will give your instructors a deeper understanding of advanced techniques and current trends. This bolsters their credibility among students, strengthens riding skills and generates enthusiasm and healthy discussion.

Presentation Topics:

  • Riding in the Zone; What is it and How to do it?
  • Motorcycling the Right Way: Do This, Not That Behind The Handlebars
  • Advancing Riders: Beyond the BRC/ERC
  • Advanced Cornering Techniques: Lessons from the racetrack for the street
  • Cornering Precision
  • Traction Management
  • Truths about Electronic Stability Aids
  • Modern Motorcycle Electronics: Will They Kill Riding Fun?
  • Braking Truths and Lies
  • The Real Life of a Moto-Journalist: It’s not what you think
  • Real-time coaching on the Street and on the Track

Don’t see exactly what you want? I can create a presentation customized just for your event.

Staying SafeHands-On Team-Building Events

Besides speaking engagements, I can facilitate a riding skills day on your school’s range. Discussion, demonstration and hands-on practice of advanced skills will quickly develop the knowledge and skill of your instructor corps.

Possible Topics/Drills:

  • Ratcheting vision through curves
  • The ratcheting throttle technique
  • Trail braking
  • Advanced load/traction management
  • Throttle/Brake overlapping
  • Two finger braking
  • Brake timing for corners
  • Body position techniques for all street riders (including cruiser riders)
  • Both brakes always?
  • Throttle Blipping

I can create a customized drill-set on request.

Motorcycle Safety and Skills Books

Ken’s Books and Articles

Riding in the Zone is a staple of many motorcycle riders’ library. Riding in the Zone addresses each one individually, from the development of awareness and mental skills to mastering physical control of the motorcycle. At the end of each chapter are drills designed to transform the book’s ideas into solid, practical riding skills. Riding in the Zone takes riders to the next level in their skill set. Currently available in PDF only.

My latest book, “Motorcycling the Right Way: Do This, Not That Behind The Handlebars” is the newest how-to motorcycling book on the market. This provocative title is the basis for my most recent event presentation and is sure to generate a healthy and lively discussion about motorcycling dos and don’ts.

Be sure to visit the library of Articles on this website.

Non-Motorcycle Events:

How a Motorcycling Expert Will Energize Your Next Business Conference

Being on the back stirs thoughts and feelings when you're a rider yourself.It may be difficult for you to imagine how your company could benefit from a presentation by a renowned motorcycle safety expert. But, think about it. Motorcycling stimulates visions of freedom, personal expression, adventure, and horizons yet to be discovered. Motorcycling also demands a high level of risk acceptance, assessment and management. Those who master the art of motorcycling are rewarded with an insight for predicting and preparing for all outcomes. Motorcyclists develop mental discipline and goals for improved performance that lead to greater self-confidence and enjoyment in whatever they do in life.  These are the very same characteristics business managers look for in their team members, are they not?

Let’s face it, many business conferences can become same-old, same-old. While presentations by industry pros are necessary, it is also important to provide your audience with an opportunity to think and feel beyond the confines of your industry’s rules, definitions, and expectations. A fresh and unique perspective on life and business will energize and inspire participants.

My easy going, yet energetic presentation style will inspire your staff to reach higher, look farther, envision possibilities, and perform better.

Customized to Your Needs

Optional components can be arranged to bring your event to the highest level of excitement and participation.

Please Contact Me to discuss your needs and to get your event on my schedule.

3 Replies to “Event Speaking”

  1. Ken,

    I am the Safety Officer for the Hunterdon HOG Chapter, located in Lebanon, NJ. We have just over 200 members. We usually have 60 +/- attend any given meeting. I’d like to see if you would be available to speak at one of our winter meetings (Jan, Feb, or March). The meeting are usually the 2nd or 3rd Sunday in the month, and start at 9 AM. Meeting are held in the Williams – Harley Davidson showroom, on Rt. 22 in Lebanon, NJ.

    Pleased let me know.

  2. Hi Ken,
    We put on the Timonium Motorcycle Show in Timonium, Maryland, one of the largest Motorcycle Shows on the east coast. Our upcoming show is Feb. 10-12, 2017 and this will be our 15th year. Within our Motorcycle show we have a Travel, Touring & Adventure Feature Area where we host speakers – some of the top adventure riders and tour experts – but thought you could be a good speaker for us to. My boss, Rich Kohles, would love to speak with you for a few minutes…wondering if you could send me a good phone number for you?
    Thank you in advance.

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