Online Coaching Service

Email video evaluation and coaching

Per consultation. Additional consultations within a 12 month period are discounted.

Professional Rider Coaching Anytime, Anywhere

Are you wondering how well you’re doing as a rider but don’t have access to a coach? Here is an opportunity for you to get personal advice, coaching and insight into your riding development. This service is offered to riders of all levels.

Event Speaking

Are you planning a club or professional development event and need to find an entertaining and inspiring speaker? Consider Ken. Read About Ken Condon Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at communicating ideas, stimulating discussion and entertaining an audience. My experience and knowledge as a motorcycle safety and track day instructor and nationally-known moto-journalist …

Training Tour Testimonials

Read what people are saying about their experiences with the Riding in the Zone Personal Training Program. A testimonial from R.L. I found the method of teaching, communicating via intercom during a ride, is an absolute game changer for me. Instead of “do you remember when you were cresting that hill? do you remember the …