Riding Tips

Here are a list of cautionary tales to help you mentally prepare for your next ride.

These short stories describe common hazards and how to avoid them. They were originally published in the Street Strategies column for Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN).

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4 comments on “Riding Tips
  1. Jason says:

    Thanks for these brief articles and scenarios. Very helpful to a new rider 🙂

  2. Tim truax says:

    Mr Condon, read your article on track days. It confirmed my thoughts and desire to do one. I am also the treasurer of a riding group, Bluegrass motorcycle riders. (We stay away from the “club” connotation) I have been pushing the idea of a track day to our mixed band of riders. I just don’t no where or who to contact. WE are in the Louisville Ky Area. A close drive to major tracks in Ky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee. We are not racers but many would like to hone their skills some where other than public roads. Ant suggestions on tracks near us? Thanks

    • Tim truax says:

      Know not no

    • Ken Condon says:

      You are right about track days being a great way to hone your skills. Not much beats the concentrated focus of cornering and braking technique. I assume you read the post on track days. If not, here is the link: http://www.ridinginthezone.com/track-days-whats-all-the-fuss/
      As far as track days in your area, I would do a simple Google search for motorcycle track days. The closest tracks to you may be Summit Point in West Virginia, or Barber in AL (a great track…see the posts about the Barber track days i did recently). The organizations that run track days in the most places are Sportbike Track Time, and Team Promotion. Some organizations are better than others, but these guys are reputable. If you’re ever in New York or New England, come ride with us at Tony’s Track Days.

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