“Riding in the Zone” Personal Training

AMA Charter Certificate

AMA Charter Certificate

The Riding in the Zone Motorcyclist Training Program is kicking off it’s third season with the support of the American Motorcyclist Association and the Massachusetts Rider Education Program (MREP).

I’m excited to see the RITZ street riding program grow. Students are signing up now for the summer. If you’re interested in participating, please visit the Personal Training Tours Page.

Scholarship Possibilities

One of this year’s students was able to receive the Paul B. Memorial Scholarship from the BMW/MOA Foundation for rider education. Here is an article about another rider who received a BMW/MOA scholarship to attend Lee Park’s Total Control course.

I understand that the cost can be prohibitive for many, which is why I will be reaching out to other organizations and put together a list of available scholarships. If you know of such a program, please drop me a line. My goal is to make this program available to as many motorcycle riders as possible.

Available Dates

I am scheduling training tour dates during the week when possible, but a weekend day is not out of the question.

Ken teaching an MSF course.

Ken teaching an MSF course.

Group Training Tours

Personal Training Tours are designed for one or two riders, which allows individualized training.

However, group days can be arranged. Last season, we conducted a two-day tour with the Women’s Motorcyclist Foundation Road to the Cures Program. If your group of friends or a club wants to talk about a training day (or weekend), Give me a shout.

Read more HERE.

Also, read the Personal Instruction web page to learn all about the Program. If you have any questions, Contact Me.

Please Read the Payment and Cancellation Policy Page.


Ken is author of "Motorcycling the Right Way” and "Riding in the Zone" (book and blog). He is also the "Street Savvy" columnist for Motorcyclist Magazine, and former longtime author of the Proficient Motorcycling and Street Strategies columns for Motorcycle Consumer News. Ken is Lead Instructor for Tony's Track Days, a 20 year Motorcycle Safety Foundation instructor, and owner of Riding in the Zone Motorcyclist Training.

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2 comments on ““Riding in the Zone” Personal Training
  1. Ken Condon says:

    I haven’t had a request for two-up training yet, but I would welcome riders who want to bring their co-rider along. I agree that if the rider does the majority of his or her riding two-up, then we should make that happen. I’ll include that in the description.

    The racetrack model doesn’t as easily allow two-up riders. We may be able to consider the possibility during a special training day on the racetrack, but as of now, the only allowed two-up riding is done with either me or Tony as a favor to customers’ spouses and occasionally as a training tool.

  2. Pete Tamblyn says:

    Ken: I’m particularly interested in how you encourage prospective students to bring their two-up “Second Rider” with them when they take a Riding in the Zone training program and/or even do a track day. For some riders, myself included, a considerable portion of their riding time is with their favorite passenger. Having that person clued in to as many aspects of riding proficiently as possible would seem to be a good start at helping the two ride as a skilled team.

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