ADV/Dual Sport/Off-Road Training

dual-sport-headerAre you ready to venture off the beaten path? Did you finally score a dual purpose bike, but have no clue how to really use it? Does dirt riding intimidate you? Ken can help.

Learn dual sport and off-road techniques so you can safely combine moderate off-road riding with street riding.

This is an introduction to dual sport and off-road riding and is designed for the person who has ridden on the street, but is a newbie to off road riding. Two way communicators will be used.

The Dual Sport Training Program is a hybrid of the On-street Personal training program that includes several miles of off-road riding. Difficulty of the route is based on bike type and rider experience.


We will start with riding techniques to improve balance when sitting and standing on your machine.  We will then go for a tour on some of the local roads and trails in the Berkshire Hills of Western MA.

  • Beginners with no riding experience should consider taking the MSF Dirtbike School before signing up.
  • This is not for experienced off road riders. For you folks, I recommend taking the Puget Sound Safety classes in the west coast or the BMW Off-Road Academy.
  • This course is appropriate for lightweight dual sport bikes (KLX, DRz, WR, XT).
  • This course is also appropriate for Adventure bike riders (BMW GS, KTM Adventures, etc).

Since we start our day at 8:30, you may want to book a room at the Inn at Norton Hill. Nan charges $100.00 (a discounted rate) for my students. It also includes a full breakfast. Other nearby lodging can be found here.


Off-Road Training Tours are either pre-scheduled or on days convenient to you. Contact Ken to discuss scheduling a day or two.

2017 Pre-scheduled dates
  • June 17 – 1-day Dual Sport/ADV Training Tour (Limited to 3 riders)
  • July 8– 1-day Dual Sport/ADV Training Tour (Limited to 3 riders)
  • Sept 2 – 1-day Dual Sport/ADV Training Tour (Limited to 3 riders)

Dual_SportWhat You’ll Learn

This training will consist of:

  • Parking lot maneuvers, both on pavement and dirt to practice body position and getting you used to the feel of your bike on unpaved roads.
  • A street and dirt road tour of the Eastern Berkshire hills with easy and moderately difficult terrain. One way communicators will be used.

Basic Off-road and dual-sport training is available.

What you’ll Need

  • A street-legal dual-purpose motorcycle (see above).
  • Full-coverage riding gear that is appropriate for off-road riding. Dedicated ADV or off-road gear is best, but quality street gear is okay, too. Full-faced street helmets, armored nylon jackets and riding pants are fine. Armored street boots are acceptable but I’d consider investing in off-road boots from the start I love my TCX X-Desert boots. Street gloves and mechanics gloves can work until you get real dirt gear.
  • Drinking water. You can bring a hydration system or a bag for carrying bottled water.


Training for individuals and small groups of friends:

1 rider, 1 Day: $600 
2 riders, 1 Day: $525 each
3 riders, 1 Day: $475 each

Discounts apply for returning RITZ or Stayin’ Safe students. Contact Ken

Rider Education Scholarships are available through clubs and other organizations, such as the BMW/MOA Foundation.

NOTE: Some insurance companies have applied rider training discounts to students who present a valid Riding in the Zone completion certificate. Contact your agent.

Contact Ken to discuss training dates and Payment Methods

Contact_Ken_buttonClick HERE to See Available Training Dates

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